**Global Service Jam Gurgaon**

=Chennai DevCamp, 2010=
ThoughtWorks Chennai plans to conduct and contribute to the first ever DevCamp event in Chennai on 06.jun.2010

BanyanTree Series, ThoughtWorks Bangalore

Bangalore GeekNight Jan 30th

ThoughtWorks Bangalore External GeekNight

BarCamp Pune 5

ThoughtWorks Pune plans to contribute to BarCamp Pune 5

ThoughtWorks Women Event

ThoughtWorks Bangalore is calling women techies in Bangalore to come join us, for a day to celebrate 'Women In Technology'.

ThoughtWorks BA Barcamp

We from the analyst community of ThoughtWorks Bangalore would like to invite you to participate in a workshop - 'BA Bar Camp', to discuss and debate on the topic - 'Lo-Fi Prototype - Use & Benefits'

ThoughtWorks GeekNights

Geek Night is an informal gathering where we pick a hot technology topic and proceed to discuss it and learn from each others experience and perspectives.

ThoughtWorks Gaming Event

Thoughtworks Pune is calling all casual gamers in Pune to come join us, for two days of gaming.

PangeaDay @ ThoughtWorks

Movies can’t change the world. But the people who watch them can.

Inside ThoughtWorks

This is the page for the events happening Inside ThoughtWorks. Usually these events are in the evenings after work.

ThoughtWorks Pune

a writeup about the Pune office